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Online Program

Meaningful Directions Self-Paced Online Program
Cost = $300

4x 1hr Self-Paced Modules


Each Module takes 1hr to complete

Access to all handouts and resources









It's been a stressful few years and you've likely had to deal with a lot of unhelpful thoughts and unwanted emotions during this time. You're so tired! Your family's tired and emotions are bubbling under the surface.

It all seems unmanageable sometimes, doesn't it?! Often when this happens we just keep telling ourselves "I just have to push away all of these tough thoughts and feelings, and put up with the struggle!"

But what if we said "You don't have to struggle. That there's a better way of coping"? What if you could learn how to better handle those worrying thoughts and overwhelming emotions so that you can move through life feeling lighter on your feet, more positive, and capable of whatever is thrown at you?

What if you could also learn how to be more compassionate towards yourself, learn how to align better with your needs and values and work towards living a life that is more connected to your heart's deepest desires?

It sounds impossible but it's not. Our Online Meaningful Directions Program will take you through all you need to know. 

We are so sure that we even offer a free trial so you can see what's inside the program, and how it can help you.














How does it work?

The facilitators, Pam and Sally, have pre-recorded the content so you can complete this in your own time, and in the comfort of your own home.

It consists of 4 modules, and once enrolled you can start doing the program anytime, at your own pace. For best results, it’s designed to work over 4 weeks, and will take just 1hr to complete each week. You will have access to the program for 3 months. 

What is the aim?

Utilising concepts from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), this program is aimed at helping everyday women feel more connected with themselves, find direction in their lives, and gain important lifelong skills for mental resilience in order to start living a life that they deserve and desire.

What is covered in each Module?

To see what each Module entails, click here.

Where do I go for more details?

Go to the Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more. Or if you want to discuss whether this program is right for you, call Kemar Meaningful Directions on 0409 232 220 or email

To enrol in this program click on 'Enrol Me' below.

"I am so grateful I participated in this program. It really helped me to identify my values and what makes me really happy. I was given the tools to strive for my dreams and now can spend more time with my kids and hubby.
Thanks so much Pam and Sally"

- Sarah, Program Participant

Once enrolled you will have access to this program for 3 months. 

Upon payment you will receive an email within 24hrs with all of the details to access this course.

 You will also gain lifelong access to our 

Participant Zone which includes free audio files, videos, helpful links and resources

We are so sure this program will help that we offer a free trial for you to see a snippet of the program and how it can benefit you.

Click below:

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