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Girls' Night In -
Self Directed Packages

Girls' Night In -
Self Directed 
Cost = $55.00
(Kemar will donate $10 from every Package to the Cancer Council)

1x Self-Directed Group Session that you do with friends in the comfort of your own home  


Each session takes 60-90mins to complete as a group

All instructions, handouts and worksheets needed to run the session will be sent to the host

What is it?

There’s nothing like a 'night in' in with the girls: lots of laughs, connecting with each other and sharing of food.

But instead of just sitting around a table gossiping all night, what if you could do something truly unique and inspiring instead? Something that will be more meaningful, enjoyable, engaging, thought-provoking, and life enhancing than whinging about your kids, your partner or having boring conversations about work?


Well this is where our “Girls’ Night In – Self Directed Packages” can help!

They were developed to give women an opportunity to better connect with themselves and others, but to also band together for a worthy cause to help raise funds for all women’s cancer - something that it is deeply important for us here at Kemar Meaningful Directions. 


About the Self-Directed Packages

We’ve got a range of topics and activities that you can choose from, all aimed at inspiring and empowering you to live a more meaningful life and build mental resilience (see green text box for details). 


Each Self-Directed Package will take 60 – 90mins to complete. All information needed to run the session for your group of friends will be emailed to you. You will complete the sessions as a group and learn about yourselves and others along the way.

Whatever topic you choose and whatever size event you choose – big or small – everyone will benefit! 


How will it help?

Expect lots of talking, thinking, sharing, and guiding throughout the course of the session. We ladies can't help it, we like to help each other, share our information and just plain talk! We don't know about you, but when we voice something or talk about it out loud, it makes it clearer for us. It's like hearing it while speaking it makes more sense.


Each session will assist you in a journey of self discovery as you learn more about yourself, with the help of friends. You can go as deep as you like into those discoveries or remain at the surface and share as much or as little as you like - and still enjoy your time and gain something from the experience. 













Need more details?

If you want to discuss what Package might suit your group or have any questions, call Kemar Meaningful Directions on 0409 232 220 or email

To purchase one of the Packages click on 'Purchase a Package' below. 


You get to choose from one of the Packages listed below:


  • Discovering my Core Values Package – where you will learn the importance of values, uncover what your core values are, and learn how to start living life according to your values.

  • Let’s Self Soothe Package – which focuses on why self-compassion is important, learn how to engage in self-compassion and practice some self-compassion techniques

  • Steering Life in the Right Direction Package – a goal setting session, involving an activity to help you understand deep down inside what your heart truly desires and creating an action plan to steer you in the right direction. 

  • Magic Mindfulness Package – learn about the neuroscience behind mindfulness and how and why it works, as well as, learning and practicing various mindfulness techniques.

  • Rocking My Emotions Package – understand where emotions come from, learn why we tend to struggle with emotions, and learn how to better manage your emotions instead of your emotions managing you.

  • Negative Nancy Be Gone – learn why we get so many negative thoughts popping up in our minds, understand some common thinking types that may be affecting you, and learn some powerful, yet simple and effective techniques to help deal with negative thinking. 

Upon payment you will receive an email within 24hrs with all of the instructions on how to run the Package with your group of friends

Raise money for women's cancer

We will donate $10 from every Package to the Cancer Council.

 Let's lift women up and bring women's cancers down!


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