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Managing Difficult Feelings

Fear and anxiety are inevitable; they are normal, natural responses to challenging situations. And it is expected that we will experience other emotions, such as, boredom, anger and loneliness many times throughout our lifetime.


And what we tend to do when uncomfortable feelings like these arise is to try to control them by avoiding them or pushing them away, but when we do this they generally still turn up, don't they? And all that time and energy you just spent struggling with your emotions could have been better spent elsewhere.

What we do know, is that as a society, and as humans, we are not great at dealing with difficult emotions. We live in a 'feel-good' society that expects us to always be happy! And we need to get better at dealing more effectively with our unwanted feelings, because they are going to turn up with or without our compliance. But, how do we do this?


Well, if you think about a storm, the boats in the harbour will drop their anchors because if they don’t, they’ll get swept out to sea and it can hold the boat steady, until the storm passes in its own good time.

Similarly, we’re all going to experience ‘emotional storms’ and have uncomfortable feelings whirling around our body. And if we’re swept away by that storm inside us, there’s nothing effective that we will be doing. We won't behave as the type of mum, partner, friend, child, colleague, or community member that we desire to be, and we certainly won't be behaving kindly towards ourselves.

So this free audio track below, spoken by Sally, will talk you through how to drop the struggle with uncomfortable feelings, give them some breathing space, and allow them to be as they are, so that you can engage more effectively in life and in what you are doing.

Allow Emotions
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Script from ACT Made Simple by Russ Harris

Helping to 'recognise' and 'allow' emotions is just

one element of what we cover in our Meaningful Directions programs.





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