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Group Program Session Outline

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Introduction and Clarifying Values
  • Introduce the Meaningful Directions group program

  • Help identify and clarify your values

  • Learn how to enrich your life and give your life direction

  • Find out how to connect with your heart's deepest desires in order to live a meaningful life

Recognise Thoughts and Defusion
  • Explanation of why the mind has evolved to think negatively

  • Understand the nature of self-critical and self-doubting thoughts 

  • Discuss common unhelpful thinking patterns

  • Focus on how to ‘recognise’ our thoughts and work out which ones are worth listening to and which ones are not

  • Learn and practice simple, yet powerful techniques on how to handle unhelpful thoughts (’defusion’)

Recognise & Allow Emotions and Identify Observing Self
  • Discover how struggling with emotions can make them worse

  • Understand why chasing happiness never works

  • Understand that we cannot control the way we feel

  • Learn and practice how to ‘recognise’ and ‘allow’ emotions so that they have less power over us

  • Learn how to tap into a crucial part of yourself that you likely never knew existed ('observing self') - it's a game changer!

Nurture, Steps and Putting It All Together
  • Learn about self-compassion and how to do it

  • Learn how to take steps in the right direction based on what you really want

  • How to keep doing things that matter to you, even when faced with challenges

  • Have a full understanding of what is required in order to live a rich, full and meaningful life, and more importantly, how to live it!

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