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Helping everyday women liVe a more rich, full and meaningful life!


Inspire. Empower. Connect
  • Feel less overwhelmed & better able to handle difficult situations?
  • Be more confident making difficult decisions?
  • Stop focusing on negative thoughts and worries all of the time?
  • Learn lifelong effective skills for good mental health?

Are you feeling a bit stuck?
Lost sight of who you are?
Unsure of what direction to take your life?
Do you want to:

Kemar Meaningful Directions can help you with all of this, and more!

About Us

Life can be tough…the pressures of work, raising kids, finding a checkout open when you have a trolley full of groceries, getting the kids to bed, trying to get yourself to bed with an ever-increasing to-do list, working on relationships, keeping up appearances, and the list goes on…


And we haven’t even touched on major life stressors, challenges and painful events that will inevitably come your way that will cause difficult emotions to arise! 

And if there is one thing we know, we don’t tend to manage difficult emotions and worrying thoughts very well. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to better handle the pressures and challenges that life serves up to us?

But where do ordinary women go to learn this? There are so many physical health programs out there to help you have good physical health, but where are the programs you can go to for good mental health? 


This is where Kemar Meaningful Directions comes in…


Kemar Meaningful Directions is based in Melbourne providing a preventative service, focused on inspiring and empowering everyday women to build their mental resilience and reach their full potential in order to live a rich, satisfying and meaningful life.

We do this by providing online or face-to-face programs focused on helping women to reconnect with themselves, understand their core values, engage in self compassion, learn techniques for overcoming unhelpful thoughts and unwanted emotions that are present in everyday life, and develop steps on how to move their lives in a meaningful direction.

"Kemar is a name originating from Spain that stands for a desire to help others and to be a source of inspiration" 
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Meet The Team

The founders of Kemar Meaningful Directions, Sally and Pam, have over 30 years of experience between them helping people who experience mental health issues with their recovery. 


Often the treatment and skill-based learning they would provide their clients is also just as valuable for anyone in their everyday lives. Pam and Sally would know because they apply these skills for themselves!

Between them, they bring a mix of expert mental health know-how, industry cred, a passion for helping others, a bunch of creativity, and their own chaotic life experience - just the right recipe for doing something new and genuinely useful.

Sally and Pam felt compelled to share their learnings and skills with the mainstream community, in order to prevent unnecessary struggles that women feel on a day to day basis. So they developed programs that help build mental resilience for everyday women so they can live their best lives that they truly deserve!


Sally Kemp

A clinical psychologist with over 18 years experience, Sally is trained in providing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Dialetical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Sally is highly skilled in providing individual and group therapy sessions to those experiencing mental health issues.


Sally is a mother of two young boys, and is passionate about helping women and mother's alike reconnect with themselves.


Pam Maroney

Pam is an occupational therapist who has been working in the field of mental health for over 18 years. Pam has a wealth of experience running group therapy programs. Pam has training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), is a university teaching associate and a published qualitative researcher.


Pam is a vibrant, energetic and engaging group facilitator, who brings warmth and fun to the sessions, whilst remaining focused on helping others find meaning and purpose in their life.  

"You are both amazing. The course was relevant, fun, really enjoyable, and facilitated in a relaxed, engaging way"
- Marianne, Group Program Participant


Our services are currently group-based, aimed at women who are perhaps feeling a bit stuck and unsure of what direction they wish to take their lives, who may have lost sight of who they are, would like to have more meaning and purpose in their lives, or simply for women who want to become their best possible selves.


Our programs rely on the power that the shared experience and connectedness can bring when in a group, as well as our own expertise and experience in psychology based therapies. 


Groups are held in a safe, friendly environment around Melbourne's suburbs. Find out more below.



Our programs focus on helping women reconnect with themselves, learn techniques for managing difficult thoughts and emotions, practicing how to access the compassionate self and true self, and developing a plan to take steps in a meaningful direction. 

The programs are thought-provoking, entertaining, educational and experiential. What we do is NOT therapy! It’s one of the few spaces you can come to and not feel that anyone is trying to ‘fix’ you. In our experience, that’s incredibly important. 


Click below for details about the programs we offer. 

Meaningful Directions 
Group Program

Cost = $450.00

4x 2hr Weekly Sessions

Face-to-face or Online

Dates Yet To Be Set. Register interest.

Typing on a Computer
Meaningful Directions Self-Directed 

Cost = $300.00

4x 1hr Online Modules


Complete in your own time.

Have up to 3mths access.

Lunch Table_edited.jpg
Girls' Night In -
Self-Directed Packages

Cost = $55.00

(with $10 from every package

being donated to Cancer Council)

60-90min self-facilitated 

group session

Instructions  sent via email.

Our programs are based upon an approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which has strong scientific evidence to support its effectiveness.  And even though it has the word 'therapy' in its title, our programs are not designed to be therapy sessions. However you will likely find them to be 'therapeutic'; in that you may be able to work through problems you may be experiencing, or feel better about yourself after attending!


More than just a Mum: the Consequences of Neglecting Self in Child-Raising


Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 4.06.37 pm.png
Women and Mental Health

Published in Great Health Guide, pages 19-21

Pursuing Happiness Does Not Make You Happy


Woman staring out window
​Life doesn’t have to be full of adventure and glamour. Instead, be okay with the mundane!


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